STX Building and Equipment Reservations

If you would like to use the Saint Croix Composite Squadron Facility or any of our equipment, use form at bottom of this page.  The aircraft is not scheduled using this website.  To schedule aircraft, use the MN Wing Intranet Operations Page.

Nothing from 01/16 to 03/17.


Please complete the following request for items.  A member will get back to you within 24 hours reference the request:

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What are you requesting?
First FloorSecond FloorHangerEntire BuildingProjector-from first floorProjector-from second floorPractice ELTLittle-LPer - 243 CapableLittle-LPer - not 243 CapableISRs (List quantity in comments)Johnson Radios (List quantity in comments)Patrick (Squadron Van)Multiple Items-list in commentsOther-list in comments

Dates/Times Requested and any additional comments:


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