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Online CAP Membership Application

Thank you for your interest in joining Saint Croix Composite Squadron. This page contains the steps to join our squadron using the online application process. Once you have submitted your application and it has been approved, you can follow the steps under: I’ve Been Accepted, Now What??? At the bottom of this page.

First, make sure that you have the following handy:

  1. Your parent or guardian
  2. Your Social Security Number
  3. A Credit or Debit Card (See paragraphs “a” and “b” if you need to write a check)
  4. Next, click on this link to start the online application process.
    • If you are not able to pay by credit card, then you will need to use the paper application. If you use the paper application, you will need two checks, one for $33.00 written to National Headquarters, CAP, and another for $14.00 written to MN Wing CAP. Complete the paper application, a CAPF160: Health History and CAPF161: Emergency Contact form.
    • Bring one of the documents to the squadron from item #2, listed below.

While you are completing this, on the second tab, under PERSONAL INFORMATION, you will need to know that our wing is MN and our UNIT is 122.

When you are done, you will receive an e-mail confirming your application. It is not complete until the squadron approves it. To approve the application, you need to bring the following to the squadron and give them to either the squadron commander or one of the deputy commanders.

  1. A check for $14.00 written to MN Wing CAP.
  2. One of the following documents:
    • US Passport
    • Social Security Card
    • Permanent Resident Card (I-551)
    • Driver’s License or State Issued ID
    • Certified copy of Birth Certificate
    • Other I-9 approved documentation
  3. Complete the following forms and bring them with you

If you have any questions in this process, please send an e-mail  and someone will send an e-mail back to assist you.


Now that you’ve joined CAP you are probably wondering “What comes next?”  “How do I get my uniforms?” and “What do I get to do?”  This handout will give you a basic rundown of these and other questions.

Most of these questions will be addressed in our New Cadet Member Handbook.  Many others will be talked about on this page.

If you have any questions about this information, contact your Flight Sergeant and he/she will help answer your questions. You can also send an e-mail to  and a staff member will get back to you.

Within a week you should be added to our squadron cadet mailing list.  It is important to watch your email as important announcements about our meetings and activities are sent through there.


First Log-On and Operational Security Training


You will need the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number, birthday, and the e-mail that you used when you joined.

  1. Go to and on the top of the screen click on REGISTER?
  2. Follow instructions for NEW USER REGISTRATION
  3. The first time you log on you will need to complete “Operational Security Training (OPSEC)”. This is about a 15 minute power-point that all members need to complete before they can participate in any activities outside the squadron.
  4. You will also need to complete the “Intro to Safety Course” in eServices before you can promote. Normally this will pop up and ask you if you wish to complete it as soon as you log on. Otherwise, click here to go to the page (You may need to log on again)


Temporary Membership Card

After you complete the “Operational Security Training” you can also print out a temporary membership card.  This will allow you to participate in more activities.

  1. Log back onto E-Services at
  2. Click on MEMBERS across the top
  3. Click on ESERVICES (in yellow near middle left side of screen)
  4. Log in using your CAPID and password
  5. Near the top center is a section called MY INFO.  Click on REVIEW/EDIT MY INFO
  6. Near the center of the screen is a gray button that says “Print Temporary Card (To be used only until the real card arrives!)  report opens in new window.”
  7. A .pdf file will open in a separate window.  Print this out, trim off the extra and carry it with you until your permanent card arrives.


(As Available)

At the next meeting you attend, tell your flight sergeant that your name has appeared on the National Website.  The flight sergeant will have you meet with the logistics officer to see if the squadron has shoes, boots, BDU uniforms and any available Blue’s items.  Anything that we have will be issued to you to borrow.  If we do not have these items, you will have to purchase them through the free cadet uniform program or on your own.  There are two main ways to do this.  You can order the items from or go to C&C Surplus for some items.

With the new Free Cadet Uniform Program, you will end up having to do two separate orders of uniform items. The first one will be to get items for your BDUs and can be done locally through C&C Surplus (Maplewood) or through The second will have to be done through as part of the $100 Vanguard Blues Uniform Credit Program.

BDU Items through C&C Surplus (Maplewood) or through

ITEM #                COST (+shipping)

Embroidered “Civil Air Patrol” Tape                                                  CAP0599K          $1.85 (x2 = $3.70)

Embroidered Cloth Nametape with your last name on it        CAP0599HA      $4.30 (pair)

Blue Cotton Belt with Black Open Face Buckle                             2500512              $10.70

Boot Bands – Green Elastic Trouser Blousers                               2650175              $2.50

MN Wing Patch                                                                                         CAP0637V         $2.30 (x2 = $4.60)


Once you get a uniform there are a number of different resources that you can use to learn to wear it.  One of the best ways initially is to ask your element leader or flight sergeant.  You should also go online (Note: This pdf shows that you will wear “CAP” on your collar and an American Flag. Those are no longer worn so don’t worry about those)



Starting June 1, 2015, Civil Air Patrol will be using a new cadet uniform program.


Once you earn your first stripe (Curry Achievement), you will be emailed a voucher to use at Vanguard ( for purchase of blue’s related items.

Follow the link below for exact program details:


Once you get your first stripe, you will receive an e-mail from Vanguard with instructions on how to order your blues items. Here’s a list of what you need to order from Vanguard. Anything that we can issue you from the squadron you can remove from this list. HOWEVER, WE RECOMMEND YOU SPEND ALL $100.00 AVAILABLE SINCE IT IS FORFEITED IF YOU DON’T USE IT. IF YOU GET DUPLICATE ITEMS, PLEASE RETURN ITEMS WE ISSUED YOU TO THE SQUADRON FOR THE NEXT CADET.

Go to and put the item number in the search field and it will bring up the item needed. (NOTE: Prices in this handout are for reference, actual price may vary.) REMEMBER, SOME OF THESE ITEMS MAY BE AVAILABLE FROM THE SQUADRON LOGISTICS OFFICER FOR ISSUE.


ITEM #                COST

Civil Air Patrol Cap Device: Cadet Enlisted –Flight
CAP0748A         $6.50

Civil Air Patrol Cadet Grade Insignia: Airman – Chevron
CAP0646L          $6.65 (pair)

Civil Air Patrol Name Plate: Cadet
CAP0599M        $3.80

Civil Air Patrol Ribbon: Curry – Cadet
CAP0609            $1.30

Ribbon Mounting Bar: Base Single Bar – Brass
7720406              $1.20



Civil Air Patrol: Short Sleeve Dress Shirt – Male
CAP1001A         $47.50

Civil Air Patrol Uniform: Trousers – Male
CAP0993B          $59.40

Civil Air Patrol Uniform: Flight Cap – Airman, Male
CAP0994K          $19.45

Air Force Belt: Blue Elastic with Mirror Finish Buckle and Tip
2500500              $16.90

Civil Air Patrol Uniform: Patent Leather Dress Shoes – Male
CAP2800NM     $43.20



Civil Air Patrol Uniform: Dress Shirt Overblouse – Female (Short Sleeve)
CAP1017A         $47.50

Civil Air Patrol Uniform: Slacks – Female
CAP3500H         $54.00

Civil Air Patrol Flight Cap – Airman, Female
CAP1015S          $19.45

Air Force Belt: Blue Elastic with Mirror Buckle and Tip – Female
2500550              $16.45

It does not appear that Vanguard sells female shoes


Items that you don’t need to get at Vanguard:

Summer Shorts, PT (Check Size)                                                                                 CAP4603?          $18.01

(You can buy dark blue shorts from local department store if you would like)


Black Boots: Black, leather boots that can be shined can be worn with both BDUs and blues uniforms for the time being. We have a limited amount in supply, but you can get most any military or law enforcement style black boot. It can have leather or cloth sides.

Civil Air Patrol requires that all cadets comply with US Air Force haircut standards in order to wear your uniforms.  This week is a good time to get into compliance with the haircut requirements.  The basic rules for males is that it must not touch the ears, must taper in the back of the neck and not touch the collar, cannot have more than one inch bulk and cannot be an “extreme cut or color.”  Females must be able to put their hair up so that it does not touch the collar and allows the hats to be worn without excessive bulk.  Talk to a cadet staff member for more specific details on what you must do for your particular hair style.

Until you get a complete uniform you can wear either a squadron t-shirt or black t-shirt and blue or black jeans that are in good taste.

You will be able to continue with the same activities as you could before, except now you may wear the CAP uniform and ride in Civil Air Patrol Vehicles.  At this point, you will probably only have the BDU uniform.  You can wear this to all CAP meetings unless a special guest is expected, and then you will be told to wear business casual clothes. If you have a light blue or white shirt and blue or black pants, these would be preferred.


You can start working towards your first promotion right away. It will take a couple weeks for your books to arrive in the mail, however, IF YOU DON’T WANT TO WAIT, click on this link  to go to the Cadet Resource Library.  Study Chapter 1, then go back to eServices ( ) to take the Chapter 1 test.   Once you log in, on the left side of the screen there are a bunch of shortcuts under MY FAVORITES.  Look for the one that says CADET ONLINE TESTING.  Click on this and follow the instructions for the Leadership Exams.

You will also need to take a Drill Test, a Physical Fitness Test and attend a Character Development Class (These are taught on the first Thursday of each month). Meet with your cadet staff on the drill and PT tests.


We hope that this page has helped you get started in the squadron. If you have any questions, contact your flight sergeant or e-mail the cadet staff at


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